Training isn't a magic cure-all, separate the snake oil from the real deal!

Corporate Myths & Facts Thumb.pngWe love training. As a training company how could we not? But even we can admit training isn’t a magic cure-all for anything that ails your company. Let AllenComm walk you through the myths and facts surrounding corporate training. We can help you separate the snake oil from the real deal, so your training makes the biggest impact possible.

  • Myth 1: If there’s a performance problem, training must be the solution.
  • Myth 2: Training only affects employees.
  • Myth 3: Learners intuitively know how to make the most of training.
  • Myth 4: We shouldn’t give learners control of their training.
  • Myth 5: Don’t let learners make mistakes because it will demoralize them.
  • Myth 6: If you build it, they will come.
  • Myth 7: We could never have a vendor help with our training because our business is too hard to understand.

Fact: Good training can change your company and boost your bottom line. Training isn’t a magic cure, but with the right planning and a good strategy you can have a big impact. Ready to start? Talk to AllenComm today about your business problem and see how we can create a program to meet your goals.