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What is Microlearning and Why Does it Work? 

See How Fortune 500 Companies Engage Learners

Microlearning is made to help you solve the problems of today and meet changing learner behavior. The best companies are driving performance and revenue growth by using microlearning to target skills, focus attention and personalize learning.

The Fortune 500 and other cutting-edge companies are using microlearning to change the way they develop training. You can use microlearning or micro elements to highlight important information, directly track specific behavior changes, make your curriculum more flexible and add personalization with standard content.

You can get the benefits of engaged employees by supporting them in ways they’re used to learning. Include short, focused content to make your training better. Download this microlearning strategy guide to help you design the right curriculum.

You will learn:

  • Why you should pay attention to microlearning
  • The advantages of microlearning
  • When microlearning works best
  • How to deploy it and when not to
  • Where to start