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Deliver Employee Training Any Time, Any Where

Effective Training for All Employees: A Mobile Approach to On-the-Job Training

When it comes to learners who don't work at a desk, it can be hard providing training that is available where it's most needed – in the field. A mobile learning approach to on-the-job training reduces time wasted on training employees can't access out of the office.

This resource helps you understand why traditional training isn't serving all of your employees, and how mobile can give them the information they need, when and where they need it most.

This mobile learning use case will:

  • Highlight the trouble with traditional training for out-of-office workers.
  • Talk about the benefits of mobile for an active learner base.
  • Show AllenComm’s effective approach to creating on-the-job training with mobile.
  • Show how a major telecomm provider increased their Net Promoter Score with this approach.