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Deliver Training with More Impact

Using a portal to enable personalization enhances content and empowers learners

If your LMS is interrupting learning or adding complexity, it could actually create a loss of return on your learning investment. Using a portal to add personalization can help you decrease seat time, give learners more relevant content and create a bigger impact from your training.

This resource gives you actionable insights to help you personalize the content you deliver to employees, customer and partners. We want you to deliver better content faster.

These guidelines will:

  • Show you how personalization can amplify the impact of your content.
  • Discuss how an LMS (or a lack of LMS) can create roadblocks to learning.
  • Talk about how portals can augment an LMS by simplifying the experience of finding the right content.
  • Show how using a portal allows you to deliver personalized content to multiple audiences.
  • Talk about AllenComm’s unique approach to using portal to enable better personalization.
  • Give use cases and case studies to help you apply the solutions to your needs.