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At Allen Communication, our experts work with your experts to design and develop a customized training program that incorporates the value of your company's brand.

Working with Allen means you get a holistic approach to training

Every solution Allen creates is built with your brand and your learners in mind. Through innovative use of technology and fundamental instructional design principles, we collaborate with the world's largest brands to motivate and transform learner behavior.


Custom training solutions for any business need

New Hire Training and Onboarding – Get new employees up-to-speed quickly, and bring them into company culture.

Product Training – Make sure employees know your products and can speak to the benefits.

Compliance Training – Ensure employees understand the most critical company operations, regulations and ethics.

Sales Training – Decrease speed-to-performance of your sales team and implement sales enablement.

More Training Needs – Leadership training, safety training, systems training & more!

Training design that drives your goals

Allen’s 35 years of experience as a corporate training company & training vendor have allowed us to develop the best designs and processes for virtually any training project.

To best engage your learners and achieve the maximum training benefit, we make sure we know what your learner's needs and motivations are right from the start.

ANSWER Analysis: Audience > Needs > Successes > Weaknesses > Existing Content & Expertise > Results



Training methods to motivate & engage learners

As on of the top training & elearning companies, we specialize in sound instructional design, the latest technologies, and agency-quality creative design.

We always use the most effective training method for the situation, be it gamificationmicrolearning, supplemental courseware for instructor-led training, or other training technologies.

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